Japanese OCR Support

This isn’t a major request, not one I’d ask over many others, but in future versions could be nice.

A lot of work I do, personal studying, is in Japanese. I know that DevonThink uses the Abby OCRing under the hood. Looking at primary and secondary languages, Japanese isn’t listed. As I mentioned, not a super high priority compared to other things, but since Abby already has pretty decent Japanese OCR (I pay for their FineReader product, and use the Japanese OCR often), it shouldn’t be too much to add in. So figured it’s worth bringing up.

On another side note, the menu and application isn’t in Japanese on a Japanese OS. Not a super big deal, and is something I can help with if there’s any desire to localize it to Japanese. Feel free to message me if you want help with that.

The current developer version in DEVONthink Pro Office does not have Asian language support built-in. This is planned for future releases.

Thanks for the information. I’m not very aware of their developer version of Abby, but glad it’s on the radar. One less program I have to go out to and all that.

So glad to hear that. Better add Chinese support in addition, if possible. :smiley:

Well, considering Chinese is “an Asian language” :mrgreen: