Jerry Pournelle Orchid

Those of you who have been around the computer business long enough to remember Jerry Pournelle’s “Chaos Manor” column in BYTE Magazine may not know that he has moved it to a Web site. He was famous for giving out “Onion” and “Orchid” awards. Today, DTPO got an Orchid: … -318-d.php

Scroll about halfway down.

(Yes, I’m “S.”)

Hi, Stephen. Thanks for the link-- and the review.

I used to read Pournelle in Byte and was always fascinated by the technical complexity and endless hours of effort spent, when he described modifications to his PCs. But I liked some of his science fiction. Speaking of which, we had a Support enquiry today from Michael Crichton, who has been using DT Pro for some time. I’m reading his latest book, Next.