Jot auto-save

I enjoy using the DevonThink Jot widget, but the way I typically use it is as a scratch pad/sticky note. I’ll jot down something here and something there over the course of a few days before I click the Save button to add it to DevonThink Pro.

Unfortunately, sometimes during the course of those few days I’ll need to reboot my Mac. When that happens, any unsaved contents of the Jot are lost. This is in contrast to the “Stickies” widget which I used Jot to replace. Because of this I’ve gone back to using Stickies and then just manually creating a note when I’m ready - the exact function Jot was supposed to perform.

Is there a way to get Jot to automatically save its contents somewhere other than DTP, to maintain persistence until I’m ready to save it in DTP?

Thanks for the note. This is, of course, technically possible. I’ve added your idea to our to-do list here and we may add it eventually.

it would be nice if the devonthink sorter/take note function also auto-saved, for the same reasons!