I added a feed that is JSON format but it doesn’t get updated either manually with a Refresh Feed or with the Check for updates, but the feed is live and working as I can see it being updated in Feedbin when I added it there.

Does the current RSS settings allow for JSON feeds? If not I would like to request this feature be added.

Thank you!

No, JSON feeds are not currently supported. This may be part of a future release.

What’s the URL of the feed?

Here’s an example JSON feed: daringfireball.net/feeds/json

The feed I would like to add I’m not comfortable sharing publicly because it includes a security token, but an example is here:


If you need the exact feed, I can email it in, but just trying to add the above feed it would not retrieve items.

I would like to see this feature sooner rather than later because more sites are offering JSON feeds or only JSON feeds are available. That said (1) I understand it will take time, (2) you don’t give an expected timeline on a new feature, and (3) there is no guarantee it will happen (although I’m hoping it does).

Thank you for considering this request! :smiley:

Thanks for the link! A future release will probably support this but so far JSON feeds are not really popular.