JSTOR pdfs are now searchable

This is good news for many academics that use DT and download pdfs from JSTOR: no more need for OCR, since the pdfs from JSTOR are now searchable:


Professor Kai von Fintel
Department of Linguistics and Philosophy
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
home: http://semantics-online.org

Great news. Thank you for posting!


I checked out JAWS for Windows and was surprised by the prices. (Although that may include Braille support.)

For those who wish to have their Mac read a file – including a PDF – simply press Command-A to select the text, then choose Services > Speech > Start Speaking Text. (There’s also a Service to tell the computer to shut up.)

I haven’t checked a multi-column PDF to see if that creates problems. But if so, make a text copy of the PDF using Data > Convert > To Plain (or Rich) Text. Then select all the text and choose the Service as above.

It’s free! :slight_smile: