Jstor Plugin

I am relatively new to the Mac and have only been using DEVONagent for a couple of days. I am trying to install a plugin for Jstor using codes provided by Matt1619 in May. I copied his codes into a file using Property List Editor, saved the file to my desktop and then created an alias for the file in library/application support/DEVONagent/plugins. I then closed DEVONagent and reopened it. I cannot find the Jstor plugin I created anywhere within the program, although I can find the alias where I installed it using the Finder. What is really puzzling to me is that there are absolutely no other plugin files at that location, even though all the default plugins appear at the right spots within the program itself and seem to work properly. I have no idea what I am doing wrong, nor do I understand why the default plugin files do not show up where I assume they should be. Any help would be appreciated.

Please check if anything has been logged to the system console. If the plugin has been successfully loaded, it should be available at the top level of the “Plugins & Scanners” panel (see Windows) menu or the top level of the search popup (see search field of search windows).

Thanks for your help.

I don’t see anything in the system console log relating to my jstor plugin, but, then again, I don’t see anything at all about DEVONagent either.

When I click on the alias that I created at library/application support/DEVONagent/plugins, it takes me to the file on my desktop where I loaded my jstor codes, and the codes appear in that file under the subheading root/new item.

I cannot find any reference to a jstor plugin in either the Plugins & Scanners panel or the search popup.

Was I supposed to do something other than copy and paste the codes into a file created by Property List Editor and save that file to my deskstop, and then create an alias at library/application support/DEVONagent/plugins?

Aliases inside the plugins folder aren’t supported, that might be the problem. Therefore store the plugin inside ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Plugins and an alias on your desktop.

Thanks again.

I am confused when you say that an alias inside the plugins folder is not supported. DEVONagent Help under the title of creating plugins says:

"At this point, the plugin is in a usable state, and we should give it a try, because writing plugins is an iterative process.The easiest way to do this is to make an alias of the file into the folder: “/Users//Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Plugins”.

In any event, I did what you suggested and put the plugin file itself in ~/DEVONagent/Plugins and the alias on the desktop. I get the same result as before–the plugin does not show up on the search popup or in the Plugins & Scanners panel; no entry relating to DEVONagent appears in the system console log.

I also created another plugin, Google Scholar Author, from a prior posting on the forum, and I also get the same result as with my Jstor plugin.

I’m am new to any kind of programming. Is it possible I created the file incorrectly? What I did was copy the code in its entirety directly from the posting on the forum and paste it to the root in Property List Editor. When I expand the root, everything seems to be there, but I have never done this before, so I want to be sure this is the proper way to create a plugin.

The documentation isn’t correct but the next release will support this.

This should be ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Plugins. But you could also send the plugins to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com and I’ll check them.