Jumping to search results in PDF?

I recently downloaded TextLightning to see if could help me work around a problem I have with DT and pdfs.

One of the major limitations of DT for me right now is the fact that I can’t jump directly to search results for PDF files without viewing the plain text version. Many of the PDF files I work with need to be viewed with text formatting and images intact, and TextLightning looked like it might cover at least one of these problems.

When I tried to import a couple of PDFs into DT through TextLightning, however, the resulting files in DT were blank. Test conversions from PDF -> RTF in the finder work as expected, so something is being lost between DT and TextLightning.

Can anyone suggest a way for me to accomplish what I want, either by troubleshooting this particular problem, or suggesting a way I could search PDFs and display the results the way I need them displayed?

Thank you!

Could you please send us an example document so that we can check if it’s a TL or a DT problem? Thanks!