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I’ve already in a short space of time learnt a lot about DTP3Pro, and already it has proved itself to be a useful tool. I am a stage lighting designer and use it to track clients and keep together a projects drawings, notes, pictures and emails. Now some would say just use Finder. Believe me this DT is far better, I have just moved two clients and four projects over to DT for testing, while keeping the same stuff in Finder. Just in case. (indexed. I’d rather Import. I will once I’m ok with my workflow, but for now…)

I do want to check something if i may. Am I doing this right?

I will drop some notes from a client into DT. I’ll tag it, group it, Aliase it, if needed, and so on. Great. Finding stuff for a project is a breeze, however what I also do is right click on a note/document and “Copy Item Link”. I then paste this into the URL in the inspector pane so that all my documents, etc. have a URI.

I do this because I have a document called JOB SUMMARY and here I do a detailed summary every week on how the project is progressing and I include the URI of the items I need into the doc as a link. I find this so useful for mixing client URL’s and my notes URLs into the one document and for a quick grab look at the status of the project. (Apple Notes is great for that too!)

My question is. Can I ask DT to automatically generate a URI for all items that get added? At the moment in the main window the URL is blank so I have to C & P it in.

Or have I miss-understood something?

Great app. It’s changed the way I work, bit of a learnign curve but great


PS. I’ve just discovered that if you drag an item from the main window to the URL on the inspector not only does it generate the item url but it fills it in too. This works for multipule items. So I think I might have found a way?


You don’t need to do this. All your documents already have an item link as soon as they enter DT (you know that because you just copied it!). You gain nothing by putting the item link in the URL field, and I actually wonder if you’re causing your future self a problem because it’s an unexpected behaviour (e.g. how can DT open a URL that points to the file you’re already in?).

For your job summary file, you just need to copy and paste the item link into your note, there are no additional steps needed.

In addition to what was said above, it may be worth noting that you can put DT item links almost anywhere that will accept a link. So I link to projects or documents from inside my task manager (2Do app) and my calendar (Fantastical). They can also go in the notes in Contacts, and I also put them in mind maps made with iThoughts.

If that sort of thing is useful to you, you might want to take a look at Hookmark, too.

@MsLogica of course… Yes, just because the link details are not there… etc etc. Yes once its in DT it has a link. Doh!!

See I’m new… Ive just tried different ways now of creating my weekly summary. Excellent.

Thanks very much…


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