Just ordered DEVONthink, but I'm stuck -- your thoughts

I just ordered DEVONthink last week, and it’s already paying off. Thank you.

I’m using your program to collect questions that I’m unable to find (after scanning most of the documentation and quick searches of this forum).

Can you point me in the right direction to ask my list of questions (and suggestions) not found in the documentation and/or in this forum?"

In simple speak, should I post one question at a time here, list all of my questions/suggestions, or skip this forum and send it via some help desk, etc.?

By the way (and off a bit off topic)

… As a self-confessed message board junkie (both host and participant), I HIGHLY recommend moving away from phpBB… it’s not as secure as it could be…

… Instead you might consider testing FUDforum. It easily imports phpBB posts, users, etc. in just a few clicks, and it’s unusual use of both mySQL and flat files offers amazing speed… no matter how large your forum scales out.

Like phpBB, it’s FREE to use. And FUDforum’s creator answers questions lightening quick. Once you migrate to FUDforum, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t do it years ago.

Disclaimer: One frustrating downside of FUDforum is the creator’s mantra to keep the code clean and fast.

He’s VERY deliberate and cautious about adding individual features that slow down the program. He’s big into keeping the searching “latency” at a minimum – it’s frustrating at times, yet I completely understand his position.

Hi, Markus:


It’s probably best to hit the forum with 1 or 2 questions per post. But you can make multiple posts, of course.

Also feel free to email questions to Support.