Just registered DT, Inbox now empty?

I am having a bit of a freak out so I hope this can be resolved. Was on trial, purchased license, installed newest version and registered. Now my global inbox is empty. I had a lot of RSS feeds setup and lots of stuff saved. (i’ve since learned the Global Inbox is meant to be temporary and I will be adjusting that going forward).

In ~/Library/Application Support/Devonthink 3/ the inbox.dtbase2 file is there and is 1.9GB which would be all my data. So why is is not showing in DT?

Please help!


Hold the Option key a d choose File > Restore Backup. If the most recent backup is small, choose the one with the larger size.

Looks like it was a false alarm. I closed DT and then double clicked the inbox.dtbase2 file and DT opened and all my info was there. Phew! thanks.