Just so you know that the blog and instagram posts get read

The feature highlighted today (⌃⌘O) was a new one on me, and very useful. I’m still learning new features years later, fully aware there’s a stack I’ve still not touched. So, thanks everyone working on DEVONthink, and also for your useful usage posts!


Thanks for the kind words of encouragement! I often wonder, “Is anyone really reading these things?!?”

And this Tuesday’s Tip is something that’s so ingrained in me, I find myself accidentally trying to us it outside DEVONthink :stuck_out_tongue:

I use it many times a day, using substrings that are muscle memory now.


Absolutely yes.


Is there any meaningful difference between ⌃⌘O (open) and ⌃⌘G (go to)?

Of course.
The former works with documents; the latter with groups.


I was looking for a post to say “Thank you” for the tips in your blog. They are very useful - I am using Devonthink for 10 years know, but still there are many tips about features & functions I did not know before. So, I simply want to say Thank you for this great piece of software and the continous work to improve it further and to inform the community with tips & tricks!