Just the email plug-in?

Is there any chance that DT Pro users will be able to buy just the email plug-in? The rest of the “paperless office” tools in DT Office are fairly specialist, and for those that want them may justify the upgrade. But the email plug-in is a tool that most DT Pro users could use. I certainly could - but I don’t want to buy all the extraneous extras that go with DTO.

Would you consider making the email plug-in an add-on to DT Pro, at a price somewhere below DTO?

Can´t help myself, but…email-import like in DTPO should be a standard feature in DT PRO! DTP is not expensive, but other apps store emails for less than 60$.(Yes I don´t really need OCR and networking).

I’m interested in the email import plugin as well. As my main work is not paper based I don’t need features like OCR. Most of my work has to do with email and I would really like to see an easy way to import mails into DT Pro. I think email import is an essential feature for an information organizing tool and should be part of the Pro version or at least a separately sold add-on.


We though about making the plugins available separately, but we finally voted against it for various reasons. The main reason is that some people already have problems understanding our product portfolio, and selling all the modules separately would not make this easier. And if we would add the email import plugin to the regular edition of DEVONthink, we would need to increase its price to pay for the development. We didn’t want to do that.

So … email archiving using the plug-in rather than scripts will be available ONLY in DT Pro Office and that ‘standard’ DT (that is, DT Personal Edition) will not have email archiving tools at all (neither scripts nor plug-in) in the next edition?

Is that correct?

Thank you,


Yes, this is correct. There needs to be a clear line between the editions to both make the easily distinguishable.

Well, I would have liked to buy just the email-plugin too; not because I’m not interested in OCR, but because I already own Readiris 11, which principally justifies the price difference between Pro and Office. I bought it just a couple of weeks before the Office version was launched. But the die is cast, I understand: no separate email-plugin. If I had known …

But a database and archiving application which calls itself Devonthink “Pro(fessional)” without something rather elementary like an email plugin … … well, I think it’s debatable and disputable.

I agree that selling all kind of functionality as separate plugins will only confuse many users. But DT Pro is sold as a professional data/document management tool and you even promote it as “your email archive” on the first DT webpage.
In its current state DT Pro with its script based import can be used to archive very few separate emails but not to archive large email folders. Importing whole mailboxes is really a pain and most important the link between the original mail and the DT copy is lost.
Maybe you should reconsider your decision and include real email import at least into the Pro version to fulfill your marketing promises.