Just thinking about my wife (or "how many seats for the server edition?")

I’m just thinking about how best to propagate the databases relating to my family to my family. Obviously one of the options is the server edition. Equally obviously, there are a whole bunch of considerations. One of them is: how many seats do I get when upgrading from the pro to the server edition? Will I still have two (or more?) seats available?

Found this on page of editions: „The number of users is not limited and not tied to the number of seats in the license.“

Thanks for your input - but that doesn’t answer the question, I think. My interpretation is: users: ppl who can access the database via a web browser; seats: number DT installations. That’s relevant, because I want to be able to access the DT app (incl. all my databases) on my secondary device when I am away from home (and I don’t intend to have the server be internet-facing).

I was under the impression DT provided a limited trial period of server, but @BLUEFROG undoubtably knows that and the max users question.

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  1. You get two seats, per-machine licenses with a purchase upgrade to DEVONthink 3. If you upgrade the license, you don’t get additional seats. The seats are now using the license you upgraded to. So if you buy Standard, you can run Standard on two machines. If you upgrade to Pro, you will get the Pro features on those two machines as they will use the Pro license.
  2. There is no hard limit to the number of concurrent users of the web interface with the Server edition. However, it’s obvious not made to function like a public webserver, e.g., the one our forums or Wikipedia run on.

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