Just to confirm: you can't save your position in a PDF...?

So I’ve read forum posts dating back 10 years or so about this… but new to DT3, I can’t find a way to save my position in a PDF. Bookmarking seems like a basic thing. Can it be done yet?

I can’t figure out if DT is trying to save my position. For some PDFs it does… for others, it doesn’t.

DEVONthink should remember the last position. The only way to “bookmark” a page is to either add the page to the reading list or to copy the page link to the clipboard (see contextual menu) and to use Data > New With Clipboard afterwards to create a bookmark.

Well I just figured out why it’s not remembering - it’s a webpage -> PDF situation, with one long page! Pretty dumb I didn’t notice that! For pdfs like that, perhaps Devonthink could remember the position instead of the page?

In case of online PDFs that’s not possible due to limitations of the WebKit engine. But I would recommend to import the PDF anyway to make it e.g. searchable and viewable while offline.

Sorry, that an online PDF that was imported using the Safari extension.

Not sure if you can preserve the scroll position on the page.