Just to review

Here are my must-haves for the next iteration of DT:

  • Some way to direct “Capture link,” “Capture note,” and “Capture page” to a specfied folder, instead of having them land in whatever folder I happen to be in
  • A bookmarks bar across the top, a la Safari/Firefox, for often-used links or notes.
  • A keyboard shortcut for switching between tabs, ideally with other standard tab accountrements, like “save all tabs”, etc

Finally, the boolean operators for smart groups don’t seem to be working as advertised. In particular, the “compound predicates” that are supposedly activated by option-clicking the “+” sign have yet to show up.

Other than that, we’re looking good!

Those additions would be great.

I would like the option to place some favorite files/groups somewhere for quick access, but I wouldn’t like another toolbar (DTP already has three bars)
I suggested elsewhere to allow dragging groups/file/links/scripts to the toolbar (like in Finder). Would that fit your needs as well? My toolbar is almost empty and only visible for the search field. So I would like to make use of the empty space.

As far as I can remember there has been a out of the box shortcut for switching tabs. I customized quite a lot of shortcuts so I can not tell. But in case there is no shortcut you can define one yourself via System Preferences>Keyboard & Mouse>Shortcuts (the menu commands are in the Window menu, not in the Go To menu)

or moving tabs around.