Just wanted to thank you for DTPO =)

Hi DEVONThink Team,

I just wanted to thank you for your DEVONThink Pro Office Software.
I’m using DTPO for a week now, so it may be a little early, to say thank you, so fast.

On the other hand, the software has performed very well, when importing 10.000 plain text files and mails and indexing 10.000 other files.

And features like “New from Template > A-Z Register” really make my work a lot easier. I’ve got the impression, that DT is very well rounded.

Yeah, Yeah, it has some limitations, so what, we all have =))

And the price of 150,- USD is quite acceptable for a software, I use every day.

What I like most is, that my files are not stored away in a database. They are still there, inside the .dtBase2 folder. Only the metadata is added. So if someday, for whatever reason, I would decide to move away from DT, my files would still be available to me. I like this open concept. (And I know that I could index external files, too).

So thank you again for this great peace of software. May it live long and prosper :slight_smile:

greetings from sindelfingen/germany

uwe schmelzer

Thanks for the kind words, uwe. We are always hard at work making it better, faster, and more versatile - trying to accomplish this all without taking anything away from what it already does. It’s not an easy task, and we may not always make everyone happy, but comments like this really keep us inspired and encouraged.

Cheers! 8^)

PS: The Templates are a real underrated feature. Once you start looking at what we have and what can be done with them, it opens up even more use for DEVONthink.

I want to echo this. I’ve been using DTPO for several years now, and it’s an essential part of my life. I use it every day.

And I love the template features, especially with the applescript support. I’ve got some fairly involved templates that are completely unique to me, but save me tons of time.

Man, we’re feeling the love this week. Thanks, fellas! :smiley:

@alanshutko Thanks too for the shout out on the templates. This is one of the most underrated features of DEVONthink. Combined with Applescript, as you mentioned, it is a wicked cool combination.

Cheers! 8^)

I also want to add my thanks and appreciation - both for an extraordinary piece of software, and excellent customer support.

I have been using DTPO for about 2 years, and it has revolutionised my workflow. It is such an amazingly efficient tool. Based on my experience, we have now rolled it out company-wide. In the process we needed to enable remote syncing from other locations, and the support I was given to achieve this was excellent.

By default forums are usually filled with problems, and sometimes complaints - but they are also the place to publicly recognise and thank those who work so hard to fix them. :smiley:


I’ll second Jim’s remarks. We do appreciate good comments (and try to work for improvement when less kind comments are made).

When DEVONthink appeared in 2002 I gave it a trial and found that it integrated the information content of my digital documents in a way that revolutionized my use of them. I bought it, and since then it has been the mainstay application on all my Macs.

My first posts to the user forum were in 2003. Eric and Christian, the founders of DEVONtechnologies, demonstrated that they were deeply devoted to responding to user needs and constantly improving their software. I got the impression that they are Good People then, and that was reinforced when I first met them in person in 2005 after I had joined as Evangelist.

There have been thousands of software startup companies. Very few of them survive. It’s a tough environment, quickly weeding out those who are unable or unwilling to meet the demands of changing hardware and operating system technology and satisfying the needs of their customers in a very competitive world. Eric and Christian had a vision from the beginning, and have made DEVONtechnologies the premier document/information management software provider for Macs.

Last Thursday’s release of updates to DEVONthink was another stage of the continuous evolution of the software.

I can say that “you ain’t seen nothing yet” in that evolution. The vision of Eric and Christian continues, and their Skunk Works is developing great stuff for the future. :slight_smile: