Keep DT v2 operable - inbox - HOWTO?

We recently purchased upgrades for all our machines. (3 laptops and a couple of mac mini’s)
One of the mac mini’s is excuded from using DT.

We have a mix of DT Pro and DT, and one user of two (myself) is starting to get going with DT 3.

We recently purchased an additional license of DT standard (v3)
Out of the previous posts I learned that the v3 license can be used in v2.

As one of the macbooks previously contained DT v2 Pro, I have disabled DT v2 Pro from running.

We then installed DT Standard v2.
Imported DB etc so that is ok.

We still need to get the autoimport from the (global) INBOX back to work with again.

I have searched but could not find any reference to INBOX in the finder in the DT Standard v2 install folder. (Used reveal Library etc to get to the Application Support folder)
I have tried removing the INBOX and doing Menu > Devonthink > Install ADD-ONs but this does not fix our issue.

How can I get INBOX working in DT Standard v2?

Thanks for your help!

(P.S. In the mean time I have also gone through mac services and disabled all previous DT Pro services and instead enabled DT (Standard) services.

If I’m reading you correctly, you have DT2 and DT3 installed on the same machine. That is not supported apparently, and you have to completely uninstall DT2 to have DT3 work correctly, or vice versa. I’m not sure if this information is noted in the manual, but has been confirmed by Support here on the forums.

Kinsey, no DT3.
This machine is running Yosemite and we can not upgrade it.
But it WAS running DT2 Pro.
Due to changes in licensing we needed to downgrade to DT Standard (v2)

DEVONthink Personal 2? This edition doesn’t have a global inbox or Finder integration.

Thank you Christian,
At least this is now confirmed and I don’t have to waste more time searching for something that does not exist.