'Keep Files Organized' like iTunes

Instead of one big Files directory with all the PDF’s in there with their original names, create a hierarchy under Files with directories named according to DT folders, and the files in there, named with their current titles.

I’m frequently going to Finder to grab a file to use in other ways, and the Finder’s interface for one big pile of files is sub-par.

Oh, I see some of the PDF’s are named with the title, just not all (recent?) ones. Maybe that part is a bug rather than feature request.

This shortcoming will be fixed by v2.0. In the meantime you could simply drag & drop the file to a Finder window or the desktop.

So, am I understanding you correctly, that if I rename a file in DT 2.0, the filename in the Finder will also change? Or are you talking about something different?

That’s correct.