Keep source address when importing selection

When dragging a website to the Sorter, it will save a web archive, meaning you’ll also know where you got it from (the web address).

But when selecting a bit of text and drag it to the sorter, the original web address is lost (unlike with Evernote).

It would save me a lot of space not to have to save whole web archives. But I really want to know where snippets of text came from.

Can you give an example of a website? I can’t reproduce that here?

If you go to i.e. and select a bit of text.

  • Evernote will keep the formatting (HTML) and even includes the pictures.
  • When dragging the text to the sorter, only the text (no images) will appear as text in DevonThink
  • When using the HTML bookmarklet, it will put all text in the comment field, forgets about the images and puts ‘undefined’ as text in the note. Maybe the bookmarklet is wrong?

The bookmarklet, however, does save the source web address. The Sorter does not.

It’s a pitty the sorter and/or bookmarklet can’t do the same as Evernote can do here: maintaining the images and page format.

And what browser are you using? If it is Firefox, it will not work because Firefox doesn’t provide the Sorter with the necessary information.