Keep windows in same format when starting DTPro

I use DTPro all day every day. It is seldom closed. Typically, I have several groups spread out over two monitors. These are kept in the list view with only the name and the date showing…real thin so two or three can be viewed on the left monitor while I work on the current doc in the main, right monitor. So far, all well and good. I am a happy (ex-)camper.

So what’s my suggestion/gripe?
When DTPro is quit and restarted, none of the list views are formatted as I left them. They insist on showing all six headings, from name to comment. I have to resize the columns to use them, and with 6 or 7 groups it really tests my New Year’s resolution to stop cursing.

In addition, the group windows seldom are in the place I left them when I closed the program: the ones on the main screen may show up on the left screen and vice versa. I always verify and back up the database before closing the program. Always.

I’ve set the preferences lots of different ways, read the help like my Grandmother’s will, and searched the forum, but I haven’t found anything that helps with the situation.

Maybe I’ve missed something. Fifty-eight year old guys do that. Maybe my use is singular if not weird, and not common enough to bother with.

Please lighten my darkness! Tell me to stop griping and get back to work. Tell me anything. I’m listening with my one good ear!