Keeping a list of your DEVONthink databases

I have a LOT of DEVONthink databases . . . and I used to have a problem remembering what I had and where they were.

Now I keep a list in the Global Inbox grouped by major subject area. Each database has a Bookmark document containing its Database Link.

I can quickly scan down a list and double-click on a database link. If it’s already loaded, it will take me there, but if not, it’ll load the database.



That’s useful
I mostly rely on the Recents list, but needed to search and find my databases a few times

I have minimal databases, and they’re all local to my Mac Mini
Is there a reason you have “a Lot”?

I have a lot because I am archiving a lot of material under different headings/subjects. My iMac is linked to an external drive where the least-used databases are held. More commonly-used databases (such as the Global Inbox) are held on the iMac main drive but after I’ve completed a database they are move d to the external drive.

If you have fewer then this tip is of little value.


Very nice!
And the Global Inbox is rightly the best place for this, as it’s omnipresent.

I’m sure there are others that will find the same method useful. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I looked around at other ways to keep the list from index cards to a paper list, then in various apps until realised what better place that within DEVONthink itself where it’s easy to get at and easy to keep up to date.

The final clincher was that dropping the database link into a Bookmark document where the URL would go (the link is a URL) means the Bookmark displays the database name.

It’s just another of those neat things about this product :blush:


You can also paste database links in a markdown file. You’ll see the database names which will open with a mouse click.

Of course, any database can be added to the favorites list, as can any group, document, or tag within a database.


I have simply all my databases in the same folder. Conveniently named “Databases”. :innocent:

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In the Finder, this is indeed our advocated (and default) method.

However, the OP is referring to quick access to many databases while remaining in DEVONthink. To this end, his list of database item links is working well for him. :slight_smile:

Does that include the Inbox database?