Keeping document titles on-screen in column view

I have a small but persistent problem when viewing my databases in my preferred view, Columns. When I click on the title of a document to skim it in the preview pane, the upper part of the screen (the columns above the preview pane) immediately scrolls over to the right, and I can no longer read the first half of my document titles - e.g. in order to select another document - without scrolling back. This makes browsing through a database very awkward, and the only way to prevent it seems to be to reduce the width of the second column to a very small size (whereupon I can’t even read full titles to begin with). Has anyone else found this, and is a workaround or solution available?

(The Three Panes view doesn’t have this problem but unfortunately I have a great many Groups in my databases and find the Columns view far more useful in navigating through them.)

Columns view is my preferred view, too, but I can’t reproduce this issue. Could you please post a screenshot? Maybe it depends on the number and width of columns. But the last (second?) column should always wrap the title if necessary.

You’re right, the number and width of columns seems to be crucial, and to be honest, it seems to be possible to almost entirely eliminate this by narrowing column widths. However, in case it still helps, I’ll post some screenshots of my original setup: