Keeping pdf comments when OCRing?


Here’s the issue I’m running into: I have a shortcut on my iPhone that allows me to: take a picture from my camera, make a pdf out of it, ask if I want to add a comment, and save the pdf to DTG.

All of this works fine, the pdf shows in DT 3 with comment that appears as “Finder comments.”

The issue is when I OCR the document (I do that with a smart rule that includes an “OCR to Searchable PDF” action): the PDF + text created loses the comments.

Any suggestion on how I could keep the comments created at the time I take the picture with my phone?

Update: I don’t know if it’s a bug or by design, but it looks like this is a problem specific to using the “OCR to Searchable PDF” action in a smart rule.

When I go through the menu instead (Data > OCR > to searchable PDF) the comments are preserved.

Thanks for the report!
I have confirmed this behavior with the action in the smart rule.

Also, the action preserves the original file’s extension instead of properly stripping it as the menu and contextual menu commands do, e.g. you end up with a file named image.png.pdf whem using the smart rule action.

@cgrunenberg will have to assess these things.

The next release will fix this.

Thanks for fixing it!

I find that the workflow: iPhone picture > Shortcuts save to DTG (via x-url-callback) > OCR on import via smart rule on synced DT is pretty powerful and useful. It should truly work like a charm once fixed.