Keeping replicate notes with replicate pdfs

At the moment my groups are named and ordered according to category of research. When I get a new pdf I’ll replicate it to the various groups as relevant. Later, when I read the pdf, I’ll write my own rich text note(s) and link it to the pdf. But it’s fairly laborious to replicate each note to each group containing a replication of the pdf, though being able to find these through the Info pane now helps this. (Would be great if you could instantly see these locations, as you can with duplicates.)

I’d welcome ideas on how to easily/quickly ensure that a replicate of the note appears wherever there is a replicate of the pdf? If I could annotate the pdf with a clickable link to the note, that would probably do it, but I can’t see how to do that, if it’s possible. I suppose creating a new group for each pdf would also do it but that isn’t how I want to use groups.

When you first capture the PDF, at the same time, and in the same group, create a blank RTF file that you will later use for notetaking. Later, when you replicate, select both the PDF and the RTF and replicate them simultaneously to the target group(s). Then when you update the original RTF with your notes and/or links, you’ll already have the replicant(s) for the RTFs in your target group(s) along with the referenced PDF.

Once tags are implemented, then you shouldn’t need replicants any way . (On the other hand DT say that replicants and tags are technically the same ?) But for your purpose tag it & forget it .

@korm: good idea, thanks. Doesn’t help with my existing pdf’s but still, I’ll do it from now on and that should save time in the future. I’m going to post a feature request for annotating pdfs with links to DT files, as that’d be a great way to achieve this and would avoid having a bunch of empty note files hanging around fooling me into thinking I’ve done work I actually haven’t.

@Khalid: I’m not sure tags will solve my problem if as they’ll probably be functionally equivalent to groups. Maybe it’ll be an improved process though.

I probably wouldn’t bother to replicate the note associated with a reference document, whether or not that reference document is replicated.

A tag really will not be functionally equivalent to a group. It will be a tag. You will be able to do things with tags that you cannot do currently with groups. The facts that tags look like groups, and that groups can be included in tags are simply visualization conventions – which in this case are convenient.

Thanks for the clarification on tags/groups. I want to have the notes with replicated pdfs so I can instantly tell whether or not I have notes on that particular pdf without burrowing back through my groups to find the original pdf.