Keeping the OCR window floating in front

Is there a way to do this? Or if not, please could we have the option?

That’s not possible. However, an upcoming release will revise this window completely and support other tasks (e.g. synchronizing of databases or downloading of feeds) too.

In that case, would it be possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to the pane that will contain the OCR progress meter please - from the outset, as Download Manager has at the moment?

The reason should be obvious; if you’re scanning a number of files, you probably want to keep an eye on their progress, yet every time the programme asks you to save a scanned file you lose the OCR pane. (Other than that, as a new upgrader of Pro Office 2, I’m finding its features beyond what I’d anticipated. The application is a real asset to me.)

I’d also like a feature to have the opposite: I don’t want the OCR window to open (or the log or anything else) unless I ask for it. The log has been fixed, in this respect, so maybe the redesigned OCR/Download/Synchronize/Wash My Dishes window could follow the same approach?

You can assign a shortcut yourself using the ‘System Preferences>Keyboard>Keyboard Shortcuts’. Here’s what it might look like:

Yes, thanks Greg, and that’s my fall-back position.