Key bindings

I try to use keystrokes as much as possible rather than move my hand to the mouse. So I’d like to be able to use keystrokes to access frequently used items on the contextual menu (e.g. Set Title As…).

Any chance of a preference.pane in future to do this? Or would you consider ‘hard-wiring’ this one to, say, CMD-Shift-T?

Thank you.

That’s why it was important to me to get the ‘Touch’ menuitem replaced in the recent build. If they’re in the menu, the user can use iKey or similar to roll their own shortcuts, but if the command ain’t there, like ‘Set Title’, then you’re stuck. ‘Set Title As’ would be an excellent candidate for a real menu command.

You can hard-wire every (normal, not contexual) menu command to a keyboard shortcut by simply using Mac OS X’s system preferences (Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts).



I have been trying to set shortcuts using Apple System Prefs shortcuts under Keyboard & Mouse but with no luck.

I want to set a shortcut for Launch Path but nothing seems to work. I exit DT, specify the Launch Path menu as a shortcut for DevonThink under System Prefs, relaunch DT and nothing changes. Normally, the short cut key would appear next to the Launch Path menu item but nothing appears. I have tried different key combinations as the shortcut but no luck. I reset using terminal “Killall systemuiserver”. No response.

Any suggestions

As one of those deprived persons whose brain is hard-wired to remember only 10 or so keyboard shortcuts, I sometimes envy my shortcut-using colleagues, who seem able to instantly recall hundreds of keyboard shortcuts.

Because my shortcut using colleagues save time on each operation that requires me to reach for my mouse, they can accomplish more in the same time. I see my potential lifetime accomplishments falling further and further behind them. Let’s say that their time advantage T over me can be represented by N (total number of operations) times (M (mouse) - K (keyboard shortcut)).

Aha! There are conditions under which I can catch up to them, or even pass them.

That’s because they must add to K another variable, L (lost time) – the ‘annuitized’ time increment per use resulting from time accrued in looking up and/or developing the shortcut.

Here’s where I occasionally get to tease shortcut users. If they invest a great deal of time to develop a shortcut, it may take them tens of thousands of uses to regain an advantage over me for a particular operation. Better yet, if their attempt is unsuccessful and this happens often, I may actually gain the advantage while plodding ahead using my mouse. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Bill

I kind of agree but you can’t stop progress :confused:

I’ve just tried it, doesn’t work. I cross-checked with Christian but he confirmed that this menu item is not especially treaded, e.g. its name dynamically changed.

We suspect it’s just one of the many bugs in Apple’s keybinding preference panel.



Thanks for checking

The keybinding prefs in Apple is a great idea but I have always found it to be buggy. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Glad to hear it is not just me. I use iKey as well and that fails to bind the key either so I am going to take Bill’s advice and stick to clicking.