Key combo for splitting documents?

I really appreciate the “Split Document” feature… But it would be even more useful if I could invoke it via a key-combo rather than repeatedly having to mouse up to the menu commands.

If such a key combination does not exist–is there an easy way of getting an AppleScript to do this (for a novice like me)? =)

You might want to check this thread to see if the script by kaliophoenix will do what you want.


Thanks, JRPars…

I’ve taken a quick look at the posted scripts, and I’ll look more closely. I think my preference would be a key-combination of script that accesses the new, built-in Split function – cleaner, right? – but your suggestion may indeed prove to be the best option.

Thanks again!

OK–I figured out how to do what I wanted. I figured I’d post the answer in case anyone else has the same question and stumbles on this thread.

What I really wanted was simply a keyboard shortcut for the valuable new “Split Document” command in Devonthink 2.0 (Beta).

It turns out that Leopard, itself, lets you assign a keyboard shortcut either universally, or for any application. Here’s the process:

(1) Open up Systems Preferences.
(2) Open up Keyboard and Mouse Prefs.
(3) Choose the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab.
(4) Check on the + sign (below the list, to the left) to add a new shortcut.
(5) Under Application, choose “Devonthink Pro” from the drop down box.
(6) Under Menu Title, type exact wording of command (in this case, “Split Document”)
(7) Move the cursor into the “Keyboard Shortcut” box, and press the key combination you want to assign to the command.
(8) Click on the “Add” button.

After closing down the Pref Pane – you now have a keyboard shortcut with which you can invoke the Split Document command when your cursor is in a Devonthink doc.

Hi - just wanted to say, thanks for posting that! It was just what I was looking for…

note: you can also just right click the selected page in the viewer sidebar (showing all the pdf pages) - split doc command is there