key command to move between tabs

Simple feature request that comes from using the incredible 2.0. I couldn’t find any reference to this in the docs…

How about option-command-left arrow/right arrow or shift-command-left arrow/right arrow or
for moving between open tabs?

I think the first one is better because it does not conflict with any text editing commands. But some sort of next tab/previous tab command would be most appreciated.



Ditto that. Would have to be shift-command-arrow: opt-cmd-arrow is already used for moving between documents in the same folder.

Some other tab suggestions:

  • a command to bookmark all tab urls
  • contextual menu command to open all tabs in a folder – only works now by selecting a number of files

My default tab navigation preference:

I’m kind of surprised Command-{ and Command-} aren’t default shortcuts for Select Previous/Next Tab (like in Safari) since they don’t seem to be used for anything else (thought it’s hard to be sure with a bazillion shortcuts already assigned :slight_smile:).

I’ll add 'em myself if/when I start using DT tabs with any regularity.

NetNewsWire uses those tab navigation shortcuts, too. When switching between Safari, DTP, and NNW having identical shortcuts for certain same/similar actions makes my usage of that trio of apps more comfortably consistent. I can adjust to differences between less used or less interactively intensive shortcuts more easily.