Keybaord shortcut to get to Finder Comments

When I have selected a record in DT3 I often want to add/edit the Finder comment. I know that I can open the Info Pop-up via the keyboard shortcut cmd-I which gives me this:

However I have no idea how I then can switch via keyboard shortcut to the Finder comment:

Any idea how to do this?

There currently is no keyboard shortcut to this section of the Info popover. You can however use Control-3 to open the Annotations & Reminders inspector.

Hello Leo,

If you do really like your keyboard shortcuts then I would recommend KeyCue - a small tool which helps you to be more productive with keyboard shortcuts in any application. KeyCue can be found at Ergonis website, an Austrian developer.

Hope that helps.


Cool. Thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for.great. :slight_smile:

And to avoid the keyboard complete: Is theer a way to focus on the Fidnet comment?

Hitting Control-Tab or Shift-Control-Tab to step through the interface.

Good recommendation, Steffi - I am already a very fond user of Key Cue. :slight_smile:

Of course! I just tried TAB and that is very slow - but Ctrl-TAB gets me there with just four strokes.