keyboard command for "Move To..." ??

I’m going through a lot of stuff that’s built up in my DTPO database inboxes, and moving each item to where I want it. I’d love to be able to trigger the “Move To…” possibilities with a keyboard command, and I’ve searched the forums, but I’m not finding anything that helps me with this. I can’t seem to make it work from the Keyboard item in System Preferences, I guess because it’s on a contextual menu rather than a main one.

Any ideas?

Also, while I’m at it, is there a list of keyboard commands somewhere? I hate to nitpick, because I love DTPO so much, but it would be great to have more keyboard control!

Dr. HD :smiley:

Robin Trew published a very useful script here (Move | Duplicate | Replicate Selected Records [+LaunchBar] that can be made a keyboard shortcut via system Keyboard preferences, or optionally with LaunchBar or Keyboard Maestro.

Or, if you have LaunchBar or Keyboard Maestro they could be used stand alone.

Over here, I was formerly able to do system Keyboard shortcut assignments for DTPO contextual menus, but, find they no longer appear on the menu.

Thank you, this is perfect. I had spotted it, but because it seemed to be related to LaunchBar, and I use Butler instead, I didn’t look closely. I will follow up on that thread. Thanks again!