Keyboard command to edit third pane?

I use the three-pane split view and would like to know if there’s a keyboard shortcut to leap to the third pane after entering the name of a note. For example, I often create a folder using command-shift-n, then enter bibliographic information for what I’m working on, then hit control-command-n to create a new text field. From there, however, I have to click the mouse to get into the third pane.

I assume there’s a way to do this automatically. The attached screenshot says a bit more about what I want to do. Thanks in advance for any help.

At the moment the shortcut is Option-Tab but will be Control-Tab in the final release (so that Option-Tab can be used for lists again).

In addition to that it would be nice to have dedicated command under the Go menu: Got to >Viewer / List / Search results / tagbar /Info Window.
With that no matter where the cursor is at the moment I can go straight to whatever place I need (and Shortcuts can be assign to everyones liking).


Beautiful! Thanks so much for the help – I very much appreciate it.

Hope all is well.