Keyboard Commands and Services

Services seem to be an ongoing problem in OS X for lots of apps, but DEVONthink seems to have its own particular problem. I’ve installed the new beta version, but the services for the old version are still there. One of my most used commands is to take a new Plain Note (Shift-CMD-9). The new version doesn’t have the keyboard command yet and the old version continues to fire up and execute the command.

If anybody has any idea, especially a fairly simple one, on how to delete unused programs from the Services list, I’d like to hear about it.


Because I’ve got to run both versions for support purposes, I’ve given up and just mouse up to the Services menu. Really, though, the provision of Services in OS X is a wonderful thing.

Actually, I use DEVONagent as my default Web browser in part because I don’t have to worry about Services keyboard conflicts, as DA defaults contextual menu options to whichever version of DEVONthink I’ve got open.

I’m sure, though, that there are users who can suggest useful keyboard shortcut utilities. How about it?

Sounds like you have both DEVONthink and DT Pro (beta) installed. Try removing DEVONthink, logout/login, then you should have only set of functions for DT Pro in the Services menu.

Service Manager (from Blacktree, the Quicksilver developer) is a utility for enabling/disabling services but it never got out of beta a few years ago. Services are definitely still begging for a convenient way for users to manage them and their shortcuts.


Thanks. I think your suggestion will work.

I’m anxious to try Dt Pro but would rather not have to trash Dt PE until either I’m sure I want to upgrade or Dt Pro is officially out of beta. Is it necessary to do this?

I used Service Manager to remove the Dt PE services which restored the commands I use most (com-shift-0 to add rich notes) to Dt Pro’s Services. How will Dt Pro know to which database it should add the those notes?


While you’re testing DT Pro you can use the “Create Archive of” contextual menu to save a ZIP archive of DT before removing it, then restore it later (and archive/delete Pro) if desired.

If you have both DT and DT Pro installed simultaneously there will be conflicts with their corresponding services and shortcuts, as you discovered. Easiest to avoid that by having only one DT app installed at a time, then it will be clear which database its services will use.

Maybe Bill or Christian can better clarify any issues for current DT users now interested in evaluating DT Pro without committing to upgrading. It’s easy to foresee that soon becoming a FAQ topic.