Keyboard focus

I’m just starting to use Pro Office and I’m very impressed with it indeed. However, as I get more used to it, there’s one thing which is starting to niggle and that’s the way in which a list loses focus when an item is moved away from it.

Please bear in mind that

a) I may have missed something obvious - if so, please point me in the right direction; and

b) a mouse is an evil thing which should only be used in restricted circumstances borne out of desperation, in private, and with shame :wink:

For example, I’m working through a list of items - say a smart group of items as yet unread. I read the first one and use the shortcut key to make it checked. The item disappears, which is exactly what I want it to do. However, the focus then disappears from the list and I then have to use the mouse (ugh) or press the down arrow to highlight the next one of the list. The same of course is true of using the delete key - focus is lost on the list, unnecessarily.

Small inconveniences if you only have to do it once or twice, but annoying when you have a long list to work through. Surely the automatic highlight of the next item should be the default? Off-hand, I can’t think of any circumstances when I’d want to lose the focus on the next item - certainly not several tens of times a day which is how often I do want it to be focused.

It’s not just smart lists of cause - it’s any time I can use the keyboard to remove an item from a list, and it seems counter-intuitive not to refocus on the next item.

Sorry for the long-winded suggestion, and I appreciate it’s a small annoyance in a hugely impressive program, but having just gone through a list of 465 items and having had to refocus every single time, I would be very grateful if the focus behaviour could be rationalised… :wink:

Many thanks