Keyboard losing focus and shifting to touch bar

This is an odd one - I’m struggling with DT suddenly losing focus. I’ll be typing in a note, and then use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate, but instead of navigating the text window, the arrow keys are scrolling through suggested spelling options in the touchbar. This has just started, so I’m not entirely clear what conditions are triggering it.

I updated to 10.15.4, so that may be connected. DT 3.04.

What note are you referring to - a document in DEVONthink, the Take Note section of the Sorter, …?

My apologies for un-precise language.

While typing in a document (RTF) in the DT3 main window, the arrow keys (upon first mouse-clicking into the document pane, and after typing, and in some other situations) seem to be scrolling through the dictionary suggestions being displayed in the touch bar. The arrow keys are not navigating the cursor through the text of the RTF document.

Does rebooting the computer fix this?

It does indeed. Next time I’ll start there. Thanks.

Nope, it’s back. I restarted, started DT, all was fine. Quit DT, restarted it (after computer sleep) and now the arrow keys aren’t moving the cursor in the RTF document again.

I am not able to reprduce this issue. I see the Touch Bar suggestions, but they merely changes as the cursor moves in the document. I am not seeing any loss of focus in the RTF file.