Keyboard Navigation to and within Classify drawer

In vertical split view: If the classify drawer is open but my focus is on the doc list, is there a way to navigate the focus to the drawer via the keyboard?

Then, once there, I can scroll up and down with the arrow keys, but is there a way to actually initiate the “Move To” action via the keyboard?

Until now have constantly been mousing around, but finding I wish I could do this via the keyboard.
Thanks for any tips regarding this or other ways to navigate via the keyboard with and in the drawers (Classify and See Also).

Father Moses:

I see what you mean. My 20" 2 GHz iMac came on Thursday and I’ve been getting used to it. I do find the mouse less ergonomically friendly than the trackpad on my PowerBook. Little things like having to take a hand off the keyboard and move the mouse to change focus are much more noticeable (and irritating) now.

Aside: Does anyone know of a good USB keyboard with scrolling trackpad and with a layout similar to a PowerBook keyboard? I’ve hardly touched a mouse since I got my Portable in 1991! (Followed by a succession of PowerBooks.) Apparently I’m not a mouse person. :slight_smile:

I love the speed of the new G5 iMac and the jump to 2 GB RAM makes an enormous difference in VM use. Have been running Classify in DEVONthink as well as a number of searches – and am still sitting on just one 64 MB swap file. Lots of other applications open, but still have a boatload of free memory. Under the same conditions, my TiBook with 1 GB RAM would have 5 swap files and would be choking for free memory.

Bill, if you don’t already have one, set aside the Apple mouse which came with your iMac and get yourself a nice three-button mouse with scroll wheel – it improves the mousing experience greatly. I have a Kensington one which I really like, comes with software so you can program exactly what each button, or combination of buttons, can do - even in specific applications (I think - I don’t use that feature currently). For instance, I have a combination of two buttons (they call it a “chord”) to activate Expose, which is quite handy when my hand is already on the mouse.

Back to topic: if there was at least a menu item for the classify drawer and move to action, then 3rd party software could be used to assign hot-keys…

…please alert Christian and Eric to this simple request. DT has many great keyboard shortcuts, the lack of ones to jump to and operate within the Classify drawer, which is such an important DT feature, is a bit of an oversight I think.

Father Moses:

I’ll do a note to Eric and Christian about a keyboard shortcut for focus change between the viewed document and the Classify region – and a similar focus change for See Also.

Thanks – I’ll look at alternative mice with scroll wheel and buttons. Buit it’s the simple act of having to remove my hand from the keyboard to grasp the mouse that’s hard to get accustomed to – it seems so much less efficient than flicking a finger across the trackpad, which is probably even quicker than a keyboard shortcut. :frowning: