Keyboard shorcuts and Find/Search functions

  1. Is there a shortcut to put focus on the Search field in the toolbar? I can not find one and would really like to have one. Command+F doesn’t do anything in the browser window now so maybe you can use it.

  2. The button (X) to clear the Search field in the toolbar is difficult to hit, you must click just lo the right of the button and not on the button itself.

  3. A history function like in Safari for the Search field in the toolbar would be very nice.

  4. A menu item and a shortcut for the "See Also" function is something I would like to have. This function could also be dynamic so that when you click on a new document in the browser the content of the "See Also" drawer change accordingly.

This may seem like small things but they are importent for me in a program that I consider using as my "Digital Shoebox", i.e. a program I will use daily for years.

Fredrik Jonsson

That’s a known issue.