Keyboard shortcut change for cmd-⬅️

In DTTG on an iPad with an eternal keyboard, when editing text, while cmd-arrow or opt-arrow behave as expected in every direction, cmd-:arrow_left: is mapped to “Return to [previous directory]”. This breaks with the shortcuts present in most other text editors on iOS and macOS, and with DTTG’s own shortcuts. It is jarring to me that when I press cmd-:arrow_right:, I move to the end of the line, as expected, but when I press cmd-:arrow_left: I am navigated to the previous group level and booted out of editing the document I was in.

Is there a chance that either a new set of navigational shortcuts could be implemented, or the shortcut for returning to the previous directory could be modified? (cmd-opt-:arrow_left:, for example, which is not typically used in navigating through text).

We’ll have a look for one of the next releases.

Changed to Command-Shift-Left for DEVONthink To Go 2.1.3.

Brilliant, thanks, as usual, for being so responsive and receptive!

Hmmm the downside to that particular shortcut is that cmd-shift-left arrow would be frequently used by a user to select the entire line of text from the cursor’s current position to the start of the line. Is cmd-opt-left arrow a possibility? That’s not used for any text selection purposes.

Sure, that’ll be an option too. Any other votes?

Changed to Command-Option-Left for DEVONthink To Go 2.1.3.