keyboard shortcut for date

In your last version, I frequently used your keyboard shortcuts for date and time, but in DevonThink Pro Office 2pb, the date shortcut now shows/hides a sidebar instead. Yet, the date shortcut remains listed under Edit/Insert/Date. It still works if I access it via the menu. Please straighten this out and provide an easy to remember keyboard shortcut for date. (The time shortcut still works.) The lack of shortcut for date entry is annoying. Otherwise there’s much to like about the direction of the new version. I am looking forward to its complete implementation.

Yes, in response to a number of user suggestions recommending change of the keyboard shortcut that was previously used to toggle the slideout, Christian assigned Shift-Command-D to the slideout. That preempted the shortcut from its previous use to insert Date. There will likely be a correction for Date in the future.

I’ve been in the habit of using Shift-Command-5 within a text document to insert Date/Time. That works. Remember that, when a Web page is displayed in a browser, that’s also the shortcut command to capture selected content as a Web document (WebArchive) to the database.