keyboard shortcut for DEVONagent Express (pb4)

I don’t seem to be able to get a keyboard shortcut set for this. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions? I tried to set ctrl+option+cmd+L. Thanks for any thoughts.

it’s unfortunately a bug of the latest beta. One workaround is to…

  1. Select Preferences > Menu Extra
  2. Quit DEVONagent Express if necessary
  3. Set the shortcut
  4. Quit DEVONagent

Create a copy of ~/Library/Preferences/com.devon-technologies.agent.plist and rename it to com.devon-technologies.agentexpress.plist. Finally, launch DEVONagent and DEVONagent Express. Does the shortcut now work?

I’ve uploaded a fixed version. Just download it from and replace the currently installed application.