keyboard shortcut for scripts (or Quicksilver)

I am trying to find an easy way to send selections of text from any app to DT. This is very easy with the script but can this be triggered as well by a keyboard shortcut or perhaps a Quicksilver?


The Services menu for DT has a few keyboard shortcuts already defined, for “Append Rich Note”, “Take Plain Note” and “Take Rich Note”. Do these not work for you?

Not completely: if I select some text in Mellel for instance, i can only send it as plain text to the top-level. When using the script “copy selection to incoming” i can send it as rich text to the incoming folder which is exactly what i want.


Ok, I see what you mean.

In theory, it should be possible, as you can run AppleScript from Quicksilver. I’m trying to run the “Copy selection to incoming…” script from Quicksilver, but nothing’s happening.

I’m no Applescript expert, so maybe someone who understands it could explain what it is about the script that’s preventing it from working with Quicksilver.

It may be an issue with the QS set up.

In the QS catalog pane, select both script options (user and all users). You will need to insure that your target script is in either location. If not, add the script’s location to QS.

In triggers, set up “command window with text mode” and “command window with selection” triggers (set up kbd shortcuts as well).

Then, once you select text in a chosen application, invoke the command window with selection, type the first few characters for your DTP script and hit enter.

For example, I have a word count script I invoke with QS.
I can highlight text in any appication, invoke the command window with selection function in QS, type “wc” (my word count script icon appears in the QS pane) and hit enter to see a growl window displaying the count of words, pages/lines and characters in my text selection.


Thanks a lot, this is very helpful.

One question: i have set up QS as you suggest but when i invoke Command Window with Selection i can only choose from some actions, i cannot choose a script to execute. Tried to figure out what i am doing wrong but to no avail…


Hmmm… for these command functions to work, apparently, you have to save a copy of the script to your QS actions folder in the ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver folder.

I forgot about that. :blush:


Name it something with a few characters so it comes up quickly in a keystroke or two.

Also, restart QS afterwards.

Hi, thanks. It shows up in QS but for some reason the script does not execute… It still works from the pull down menu though…


I found another way to assign keyboard shortcuts to scripts: a little utility called FastScript Lite. Works excellently.