Keyboard shortcut for switching between open databases


I just wondered if there’s a keyboard shortcut for switching between open databases?

If there isn’t I would love to see that in the next release.

Thanks in advance

Maybe not a KB shortcut but if you go to the upper left of your toolbar (right under the three titlebar LEDs) there’s a button that you can click to toggle between showing just the currently visible database (with a list of groups/folders, the list of what’s in the currently-highlighted folder, and the content of the selected file) and a “sidebar” that shows recent and other open databases. You can easily select from among the choices. For me, it’s the easiest (and simplest) solution to jumping back and forth among several databases.

Aside: I was just thinking that if I’m doing that much poling around in multiple databases, perhaps I need to join them! :smiling_imp:

That I already know but unfortunately it doesn’t solve my issue. I have to main databases for various topics and fill them mainly with the use of the services menu. I know that there’s a keyboard shortcut for switching between the main panes but it would be very helpful if I could switch to the sidebar with a keyboard shortcut.