keyboard shortcut for tag bar


Is there a keyboard shortcut which will switch focus to the tag bar? I often want to add tags while editing text files and would like to be able to do this without lifting my hands off the keyboard.

I searched the menus, manual and forums and didn’t find anything.

No direct shortcut to move to the tag bar, but control-tab and control-shift-tab will move the focus between the panes of split views and also in the Info pane.

OK thanks. If it was at least in the menus we’d be able to assign a shortcut. I am not sure why we instead have default keyboard shortcuts for Backup & Optimize and for Verify & Repair…

Really. :smiley:

Ah, yes! This has been discussed before. Well, I’d settle for “focus on tag bar” as an item menu so I could assign my own shortcut. I seem to spend far too much time using the mouse when using DTP, and I think my carpal tunnels are under enough stress as it is…

Same here, e.g. still too much focus limbo that explicit mouse actions bail me out of more predictably than keyboard actions. It’s tough for me to sustain a comfortable combination of mouse/keyboard usage with DtPO that I’m able to with a lot of other heavily interactive apps. Much of DtPO is well behaved in ways I care about, sometimes surprisingly so, with overall UI interaction being the most obvious exception. At this point in both the app development and my experience I wouldn’t mind if smoothing out more of those UI speed bumps was a higher priority than other issues.

I completely agree. I keep trying to avoid using DTP because of this issue. However, I wrote (again) recently to support asking if it will be fixed soon, and was told that it is not a bug (although a preference may be added to change it).

Completely agree.

And in particular, I agree with a need to keyboard shortcut to focus on the tag bar. I mean assigning a tag is something which is supposed to be done pretty frequently.

I have kind of a kludge … I think that’s the right word. I use Keyboard Maestro, and have a macro that basically moves the mouse pointer into the tag bar, and clicks there (moving the focus there.) The macro is triggered by a keystroke. I created another macro that provides a keystroke shortcut for “set as title” which unaccountably, only appears in a context menu.

Purists would say it’s kind of ungainly solution, but seems to work OK…

Unless we are talking about another tag bar, v2.5.2 has a keyboard shortcut Menu Title: Edit Menu Item: Tags… which is control-return and takes you to the tag bar.

Using Keyboard Maestro you can set up a macro which incorporates this step and then using the action Insert text can insert the text of your choice as a new tag eg Reminder