keyboard shortcut to send web page to devonthink

Hi, I use the print to pdf to devonthink quite a bit and I find it more consistent in getting good results than the devonthink chrome plugin. However, it is a bit tedious to always having to go through the print menu to select to go devonthink. Is there a way to setup a keyboard shortcult to do the same? I’m thinking there would be an easy solution to this, I just don’t have the technical acumen on the mac to accomplish it.

Thanks and Happy new year!

did you install the “clip to devonthink” plugins for your browsers? You can download those extensions from the downloads page of DT’s home page.

If you installed the plugins then in the preferences section you can change the shortcut key. Then you can specify whether it is a pdf or html or web archive and choose the desired location (only open databases are available). In safari go to preferences and extensions.

Also, ⌘ ⇧ 5 is default for adding web archives in safari.