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Is it possible to toggle between the top window of the “as Three Panes” view and the multipage sidebar of a PDF file?

What I’m asking is, I’m arrowing up and down in the list of PDFs in the Inbox of a given DB. I then come across a multipage PDF and I’d like to toggle focus to the PDF so I can then arrow up and down to see the pages in the PDF. I can do this using the mouse (select Page 1 of the PDF), but then I have to click back to the top window to continue arrowing through.

Is this possible via the keyboard? Or is there a menu item that does this? I could assign a keyboard shortcut if there is a menu option.

Also what keys are these? I don’t recognize them, I know the Cmd key but not the slanted arrow or the down arrow with multiple lines through it.

Just use Option-Tab to move the focus in split/three-pane views.

Thanks. That moved the focus, but it still doesn’t let me arrow down via each page of the PDF. I still have to click on Page1 of the PDF.

If I’ve been using the up/down arrow keys to move up/down in the list of documents in the Three Panes view, if I’ve selected a PDF in the list it will be displayed in the text pane.

When I press Option-Tab, the focus shifts to the text pane. I don’t have to click to establish that focus. I can use the down-arrow key to move downwards, or press the Space bar to move downwards a pane-window at a time.

That’s the way it should be working on your computer.

Space bar was the answer I was looking for. Ctrl tab move from the top view to put the PDF in focus. Arrowing down, just moved down the body of the PDF. Space bar navigated down PDF page1 to PDF page2, etc…

Thanks for that.

Also, which keys are the ones shown in my original screenshot? I don’t recognize them on my MacBookPro’s keyboard.

Find 'em here:

Keyboard shortcuts - Mac Guides

Thanks for that. Didn’t realize there were special symbols for the arrows.