Keyboard shortcuts, 2nd ed. Joe Kissell's book on DT Pro

In January I posted looking for the keyboard and mouse combination that would enable me to drag a replicant of an item into a group or folder. One can Option-drag an item to create a duplicate.

At that time I also wrote Joe Kissell, author of Take Control of Getting Started with DEVONthink 2, to say that a list of such shortcuts would be a great addition to the next edition. It happened that edition 2 had gone to be published but because of an unexpected delay, he had an extra week or two, and he said he’d try to add what I asked for.

Edition 2 is out now and does include a section specifically on shortcuts that involve using the keyboard and the mouse together…including the one I was looking for:
• Replicate to another location: Command-Option-drag. (I thought I’d tried this combination in my experiments but I guess not.)

Anyway, Joe Kissell’s a very experienced Mac writer—some may remember The Nisus Way—and his e-book on DTPro has been useful to me. Onscreen application help is great, but looking through a book is a different and sometimes better experience. The new edition is available at Special pricing is offered when you buy 3 titles from Take Control, and when a book is updated you get an email offer for a significant discount on the new version.

[I have no connexion with Take Control Press or Joe, have never met him, this is just a recommendation based on my experience.]