Keyboard shortcuts | a feature that MUST BE implemented ...

Hey there!

When you scan files in DTPO that are converted into a searchable PDF, there are some tasks that are usually always on hand:

  • Turn document LEFT
  • Turn document RIGHT
  • Remove page
  • Split document

The first two, you can use the icons at the top of the viewer. For the last two, you need to go into the menu or context menu and chose the appropriate menu item.

Now - a lot of power users love to work their programs by keyboard for sheer efficiency. I cannot believe those four operations cannot be done by a keyboard shortcut! You could even use just keys (like R,L,S,D - Right, left, split, delete) without cmd / alt etc., since in the PDF viewmode, these keys seem to be dysfunctional.

Dear Devon-Team: I LOVE your product and have been using it excessively for quite a while now, always recommeding you to fellow Macians. But whenever I find the keyboard feature missing and have to go into the menu again, I could basically curse you :slight_smile: .

I don’t see any reason NOT to implement this functionality, and it should be quite easy to do programmingwise. I hope my input is appreciated and the next version of DevonThink will find this feature.

Maybe as a long-term development goal: Customizable keyboard shortcuts are the way to go and make ANY user happy … :wink: .

Looking forward to your feedback and to seeing this really useful functionality implemented.

Cheers and keep up the good work!


You can assign keyboard shortcuts to all of these commands yourself via the Keyboard preference pane, Shortcuts tab. BTW, remove page in a PDF already works with command-x.

Hi Greg,

thanks a lot for your answer, it’s appreciated.

Setting shortcuts via System Preferences feels only like a workaround, though. Two downfalls: You cannot take your settings with you if you move to another machine (unless you import the entire system preferences), and you can easily “kill” shortcuts that are already there since system prefs doesn’t know if these shortcuts are already taken.

Almost all professional productivity software on the Mac offers the ability to change / set shortcuts from within the program itself - from high-end solutions such as Abobes Creative Suite to programs such as Aperture … and even Microsoft Word on the Mac can do it.

So - with DevonThink ProOffice being the epitome of productivity on the Mac, I see no real reason why you shouldn’t integrate this essential feature into the program itself. Unless the developers really regard setting shortcuts via System Preferences as the way to go, or - unless the developers feel like these features aren’t needed.

To me personally, though, the lack of this feature is a huge turn-off … as much as I love DevonThink. It’s just a big & unnecessary rock in the workflow in an environment that’s supposed to boost workflow / productivity … so I truly truly hope the developers will consider implementing this at some point. Thanks for listening.