Keyboard shortcuts are inconsistent

I’m desperately trying to get the Go menu keyboard shortcuts to work. If I’ve selected an item within a group the Go > Enclosing Group remains greyed out. It only seems to work if I open a subgroup in its own window. In the split view, if I try to use the key shortcut to the Top Group it never works (not that Function-Option-Command-Left Arrow is a great shortcut). But if I select Function-Left Arrow the first group in my list gets selected and then if I try Function-Option-Command-Left Arrow I get the top group. I would really like a working shortcut to the absolute top so I can add other groups quickly and easily.

Also I wish the Go > Enclosing Group function would work in the group list not just if another group is open in a separate window.

Help! Is this a beta issue?


Going to the top/enclosing group is of course only possible if the window does not already show the top group.

Just use the left arrow key for example (or Cmd-Shift-A if you’re not using the columns view).

Many thanks for the reply!