Keyboard shortcuts for scripts don't work directly after start-up

I’ve notice an odd problem with Keyboard shortcuts for scripts.

Some scripts in DEVONthink’s script folder I have marked with a keyboard shortcut. Here an example:

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 11.25.48 am

In this example option-shift-O should trigger the Open Standard Databases script. And it does so when I have used DEVONthink for a bit, but it doesn;'t do so when I just have started up DEVONthink.

I think I need at least once have opened the Script Menu in the Menu Bar with the mouse, then the keyboard shortcut works.

Any idea why’s that and how to fix this?

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I also have experienced this as an issue in DT3 not DTTG

The menu is only built/updated when necessary, one workaround is to add the shortcut to the filename (Open Standard Databases___Shift-Alt-O.scpt). But a script might be unnecessary in this case, you could also use a workspace to open all databases.

My script file is named Open Standard Databases___Shift-Alt-O.scpt.

Oooh, interesting! How can I reopen all my standard databases with a workspace? I searchED the DEVONthink help, but got no results.

(Background: I have to do this regularly, because my iMac is on a weak power circuit and here is winter, so the heaters draw sometimes too much power and than bumm! - Plus my UPS is still somewhere in a moving box…)

Just wondering but does it work using a different shortcut, e.g. one also using Command?

Open all your databases, then add a workspace (see Go menu). Choosing the workspace afterwards opens the required databases afterwards if necessary.