Keyboard shortcuts in the sorter?

I’m not sure I understand why, but if I choose Add note in the Sorter and start adding, if I hit CMD+S, which is SAVE in every other Mac program, I get Clear. I was working on a long note and muscle memory hit CMD+S and boom - gone.

Is there a way to change those defaults?

Which version are you running? Pretty sure I remember reading somewhere [edit: in the future] that’s been fixed but I don’t see it in the release notes [edit: yet]. :confused:

It’s a known bug in the current version-I’d expect to see this fixed in the next release.

It will be in the next maintenance release.

Thanks all - I appreciate the quick response! At least I know I’m not crazy (about this).

Only my memory is (about this).

Man, I’m glad you asked about the sorter keyboard issue. The thing was driving me nuts. Now I feel reasonably sane again.