Keyboard shortcuts list?

I’ve searched through keyboard shortcuts topics and found a lot of people asking, but no actual list.

A shortcut for “New rich text” would be a great start…

I have Keyboard Maestro, so I can get around it, but would prefer to use in-app commands for obvious reasons

Can anyone help me out here?

Thanks for that Greg. Helpful start… List of shortcuts anybody?

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Got that, thanks Korm.

Devon guys, it would be helpful to have this in the Help files and posted somewhere online. Basic essential info.

The utility KeyCue pops up a screen with “all” an application’s keyboard shortcuts.

I thought Joe Kissell’s Take Control bk on DTP might include such a chart but I do not see it; emailed him to request it be included in new edition if that edition is still open for additions.

Same need here. I would like to be able to tab among Inbox documents, move to the Tag area, and then move the tagged document to a folder using the keyboard instead of a mouse. DT Pro is such a powerful tool, it’s frustrating to be hamstrung with a mouse or trackpad.

We may get a chart of shortcuts:

Joe Kissell’s book Take Control of Getting Started with DEVONthink 2 (1.0) is just going into the second revised edition. After I emailed him about a chart of key command shortcuts, he replied that he will try to include this—there may be just enough time to add it. I’ll post again when I find out.

The Take Control books are available from in pdf and printed form. An excellent roster of titles by solid writers about various Mac apps, fonts, Lion, etc.

For those of us who want more, shortcuts can be added to menu commands with Keyboard Maestro or the Mac’s keyboard prefs pane. I wanted a click and drag shortcut for making a replicant, to match that for making a duplicate, but see no way to add that.